Pepe Rubio Larrauri was born in Madrid, Spain. After studying economics in San Pablo CEU University, he started working in finances. He got into photography and completed his first assignment, making the photobook “Colores de Corrientes” about the province of Corrientes in northern Argentina. Afterwards, he began freelancing in Madrid, photographing actors and taking corporate assignments. During this period he made his first documentary project “Hotel Madrid” while attending Blank Paper Photography school in Madrid. Following his interest in reportage, in 2010 he moved to New York to pursue the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography program of the International Center of Photography. He has published 3 books: Colores de Corrientes published by South End Publishing, the collective book New York Edited, Twelve Stories From the City published by Ostkreuzschule fur Fotografie, Berlin and Edificios Que Sanan by Grupo Quiron . He has worked for CNN and United Nations among others. For the last year he has been working with the award winning film director Topaz Adizes in New York. His work has been exhibited in the International Center of Photography in New York and in the Bronx Documentary Center.

Pepe Rubio is director and founder of the production company Mad City Blues

Currently based in Madrid, Spain and available for assignments worldwide.


Pepe is a contributor to Redux Pictures.

Freelancer for the Wall Street Journal



And a member of Eight Legs Collective